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     Because of the unique potential of the natural and cultural heritage

Kyrgyzstan should be harmoniously integrated into the tourism

Industry in the world economy and the achievement of the intensive development of tourism in

the country, thus, a steady growth in employment and incomes

Promotion increase the development of the tourism industry and the river

Investment in the economy.

    The main tourist attraction of Kyrgyzstan - the diversity and partially

undeveloped recreation resources and recreation and wellness facilities in the

Issyk-Kul and virtually untapped resources of the lake Son-Kul and Sary-

Chelek, Ala-Archa gorge, etc.

    The second important tourism product is a historical and cultural

Heritage and traditions of nomads located on the Silk Road

the way.

Tours to Kyrgyzstan: 1910 Trekking
Activities: Trekking Tour
Destination: Kyrgyzstan
Duration: 9 days

Day 1. You are at the airport "Manas" in Kyrgyzstan will be in the land. Transfer to Bishkek city tour guide . Breakfast at the hotel building. Dinner and overnight of tour at the hotel.
Day 2. Shamsi Valley in the morning for breakfast, you will transfer to 8 hours. Lunch on the way. Trekking tour and travel down the valley of the Red-Suu. Damascus. Night of tour in tents.
Day 3. We are trekking tour to gold-Suu in Kyrgyzstan. Damascus. Night of tour in tents.
4 days. Today, we are trekking tour and travel on a short pass. Trekking tour down the Kok-Jar-Suu. Lunch on the way. Damascus. Night of tour in tents.
5 days. We start trekking tour and travel down to the valley of your breakfast will be served at 8. Explore the canyons. Lunch on the way. Damascus. Night of tour in tents.
Day 6. Your trekking tour down the valley breakfast, 8 am to serve. Explore the canyons in Kyrgyzstan. Damascus. Night of tour in tents.
7 days We will start trekking tour to a mountain pass. Red Bridge trekking tour down the valley. Damascus. Night of tour in tents.
Day 8. Your breakfast will be served 8 am service in the city of Bishkek. Lunch on the way. Damascus. Night of tour in tents.
Day 9 You will be the weather.

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