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Six of the 21 mound of stone mounds are about rap Xia chain of stone walls (5 to 94), which either encircle the mound by a solid line, or located on the east side of the mound, sometimes from the south-west. Fences are composed mainly of May 7, rarely 9 boards and boulders (up from 1 to 2 m), 2.4 boards and dug in the butt. Near them is lined with a semi-circle of 3 to 5 large boulders weighing several hundred kilograms. And the board fences and boulders in separate mounds arranged in a certain order. Thus, in the Grand Mound fences semicircle of boulders is always turned inward, that is, e. to the mound, and vertically standing plate - in the opposite direction nuyu, ie, outside. The same order of the plates and the shaft of a new Second and Sixth mounds, while the Third and Ninth perfect but the other - on the end plate dug stand on the inside fence.
This difference is not accidental. It reflects, perhaps, the difference from the other one was buried or occupied by the public for false, or age, or sex.
It has been said that the four large mounds (Grand, Ther Tre, Fourth and Sixth) On the slopes of the embankments were sinkholes, cludes a small flat tubercles. And at the Bolshoi and third mounds were depressions in the north-western and southern sides, the other two, just to the north-west. The study failed to establish that these depressions were formed not on the embankment breach by robbers, and are particularly constructive Stu Besshatyr architecture of large mounds.
Study of the Third and Sixth mounds showed that depressions are starting to enter their dungeon. Probably a certain time after the name rite of burial and burial mound construction entrance in the cave was open for worship funerals, worship and sacrifice. Then, after a certain period of time established by custom, entrance flooded, bringing down part of the embankment located above it. Evidence of the rite of commemoration and sacrificial mounds in the dungeons Besshatyr are animal bones found in the underground passages of the third mound. Every great Besshatyr mound, as a complex architectures GOVERNMENTAL monuments can be divided into external and internal construc of. The external include conical mound, standing as if on the funda dation of tightly packed stones, with a flat top and west Noah, indicating the entrance to the cave, a stone wall of the ring and chain fence of the menhirs and boulders. The internal structure - a structure and burial catacombs.

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