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In the mound, in a large burial pit (size 3,50 X2 m), the induced oriented long axis east to west, lying side by side in an extended position on the back, head to the west, two bone. Each was buried on the right side was a short-iron dagger akinak, on the left - the remains of quivers with bronze-tipped arrows. In total there were 50 quivers stemmed and socketed arrowheads of 12 different types. Daggers were babochkovidnye cross, pommel were destroyed in the northern core from the left side chambers were umbon iron and appears to be the remains of a small wooden shield. Here we have found a primitive steel belt buckle. Cro IU of these things, among the bones found four carnelian beads (the cervical vertebrae are buried) in the skeletal remains of a quiver of the southern summer - two beads. They are made of welded hollow gold grains. Equipment, discovered in a barrow 25, published by AK Akishev in the article "Saki, Seven Rivers."
Mound 30. The mound of stone, on top there are traces hischniche skih excavation diameter of 7 m, height 0.70 m
When disassembling the mound revealed a bronze awl, a circular cross section in Research Institute, "a length of 10.5 cm
In the other investigated small mounds Besshatyrekogo graves nick artefacts found. The reason for this - a robbery. The exception is the Mound 29, which was found a bronze-edged knife.
We have already noted that Besshatyr cemetery covers an area of ​​2 km. However, repeated mikrorazvedka area showed that the sites associated with Besshatyr mounds, occupying an area greater than the actual burial site. 5 km to the north-east of it is situated on a hill six fences, similar in shape and design of IU fences Besshatyr mounds. The same four re fences found in the 3 km west of the mounds. Further, about 10 km there is a large chain of the same 45 fences, stretched like a snake from north to south for 450 m, ie, the old coastal terraces p. Or under nozhiyu Mountains
The location of these facilities in the vicinity of the burial ground, they look similar to the structures and the same size with mengirnymi fences facing a large Besshatyr mounds, poses will say that they are not only for the simultaneous besshatyrsknm ridge, but some still unexplained ties associated with them. Compass of the menhirs in the vicinity of the repository - it is not self autonomy of the monuments that have arisen independently of Besshatyr mounds and monuments that complement the main subject. Some of them do you figure bits of mountain goats, wild boar and wolf. - this is the place to choose biking tours. - popular cities in Kyrgyzstan. - famous gores for trekking. - go to Kyrgyzstan for cultural tours. - remember the land of nomads.


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