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Thus, the architectural composition Besshatyr mounds rather difficult for the monuments of this type. Study Besshatyr structures shows that the Saka tribes Seven Rivers and long construction of religious buildings has been developed Besshatyr its architectural forms and construction techniques: square and round plan, the construction of large buildings of stone, earth and rubble, the skillful use of stone and brush.
This building was purchased by the experience, not only by the construction of religious monuments. He has been gained primarily through the production of human activity, construction of residential and business premises, and subsequently used in the construction of monuments.
In ancient times, the shape and size of places of worship attached great importance, as tribesmen would thus perpetuate the memory of the leader. Therefore, the construction of the monument, they sought not only to make it inaccessible to the desecration or robbery, but also to build on the strength of his vechnm. According to the beliefs of people of that time the monument, on the one hand, its grandeur was to match the power and wealth of the leader, but on the other - than it was monumental, the more inspired fear and respect for future generations. I must say that the builders have reached that goal.
Besshatyr mounds the size and monumentality even make a great impression, and at this time. The magnitude of the mounds can be seen in the Great Mound embankment, for the erection of which was used by more than 50,000 cubic meters of earth and stone rubble. In addition, the nearby mountains, located 3 km away from the burial ground, was brought about thousands of stone slabs and boulders for co oruzheniya fences. Third barrow mound contains 25,000 cubic meters of earth, stone and gravel, and the embankment of the First and Third - to 7000 cubic meters.
The results of studying the stratigraphy of mounds show that each Dyj a large mound - is not just a messy pile of stones and earth, and the architectural structure, construction of which is pre-pro thought. An excellent confirmation of this structure is saturated pi third mound, consisting of 17 alternating layers of rock stacking layers of earth and rubble.

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