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From written sources we know that close to the Central Asian culture SACAM European Scythians there was a sacred country Gerros, which buried the famous Scythian kings and chiefs. The tombs of their kings of the Scythians revered as sacred, strict protection nyali from desecration and looting and the location they were held in deep secrecy bokoy. According to Herodotus, the Scythians Idanfirsa king of the Persians to the question of why they avoid the battle, said: try to find and destroy the tombs of our kings, then you will know whether we will enter you in battle.
Besshatyr monument, of course, was a sacred gerrosom some of the Saks-tigrahauda who lived in the valley. Or. Places sion, where the huge royal mounds Besshatyr was sacred for many centuries to come here to worship, and brought numerous victims, committing various religious rites Au, arranged funeral. In the field of religious ceremonies and rites were built of cwd grand menhirs of the fence and boulders. Thus, facilities that are open around the world can Besshatyr gilnika, are monuments of religious and ritual purposes.
We have already described those monuments Besshatyr that are interesting to both Institute architecture, or the mother gave datirovochny al. We now consider the analysis of some data that are common to all the mounds, bringing together the individual sites with each other on the basis of which an impression of Besshatyr as a single complex architectures rated.
Common to all the burial mounds Besshatyr is their uniformity: the mound consists of a large stone and gravel, the top is flat (in the context - a trapezoid), almost all the mounds of stones at the base of hugs - it creates an impression of the foundation. Nai larger mounds are surrounded by a stone shaft width of 2-3 m and a height of 30-60 cm Investigations revealed that the shafts of the eye lo mounds - the remains of stone walls that once folded around the mound. Undoubtedly, the initial (during construction) step height was greater and the width of laying is slightly less. Over time, the wall is partially collapsed: the upper part of the stone slid to the base of masonry, and some local residents had been razed for the construction of pens for cattle. - Horseback riding in Kyrgyzstan. - Local communities offer home stays. - Vocations in Kyrgyzstan. - Places to be seen.    - directions for trekking.         


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