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    The relationship between the state, private companies in the field of tourism

and tourism.

    As you know, tourism has been declared as a priority area

Industry of the Republic. But this statement, and the statement remains.

Priority sectors are not put into practice.

    Adopted for the development of tourism in the republic

Program of tourism development until 2010 (adopted in 2000), and for

effective functioning of the Industry - Tourism Act (passed in 1999

Year). In Part II of the program, the obstacles to the development

Tourism in our country. There is not at least one eliminated

lead and is not weakened by the negative impact of any of them.


Tours to Kyrgyzstan: Trekking 2005
Activities: Trekking Tour
Destination: Kyrgyzstan
Duration: 25 days

Day 1. You are at the airport "Manas" will be in the land. Transfer to Bishkek city tour guide. Breakfast at the hotel building. Dinner and overnight of tour at the hotel.
Day 2. Flight to Osh. Dinner and overnight of tour at the hotel.
Day 3. Transfer Osh - Achik - Tash (3400 m base camp). Damascus. Night of tour in tents.
4 days. 1 camp trekking tour, back to base camp. Damascus. Night of tour in tents.
5 days. Preparation of the day. Damascus. Night of tour in tents.
Day 6. After breakfast, trekking tour and travel camp 1. (4400 m) Dinner. Night of tour in tents.
7 days Camp 2 to Camp 1, and go trekking tour in Kyrgyzstan. (5400 m) Dinner. Night of tour in tents.
Day 8. 1 the rest of the camp. (4400 m) Dinner. Night of tour in tents.
Day 9 You must trekking tour and travel camp 2 in Kyrgyzstan. Damascus. Night of tour in tents.
Day 10 After breakfast, descend to Camp 2 to Camp 3 and trekking tour. (6100 m) Dinner. Night of tour in tents.
Day 11 Descent tour and travel to Camp 1 in Kyrgyzstan. (4400 m) Dinner. Night of tour in tents.
Day 12 Base camp arrival. (3400 m) Dinner. Night of tour in tents.
Day 13 Day of rest. Damascus. Night of tour in tents.
Day 14 Day of rest. Damascus. Night of tour in tents.
Day 15 The camp trekking tour 1. (4400 m) Dinner. Night of tour in tents.
Day 16 You must trekking tour camp 2. (5400 m) Dinner. Night of tour in tents.
Day 17 After breakfast, trekking tour to Camp 3. (6100 m) Dinner. Night of tour in tents.
Day 18 Summit (7134 m), trekking tour and go down to Camp 3. (6100 m) Dinner. Night of tour in tents.
Day 19 The day begins with breakfast in the building. Descent tour to Camp 1. Damascus. Night of tour in tents. (4400 m)
Day 20 You are base camp trekking tour. (3500 m) Dinner. Night of tour in tents.
Day 21 Extra days in case of bad weather.
Day 22 Extra days in case of bad weather.
Day 23 Transmission of Osh. Dinner and overnight of tour at the hotel.
24. Transmission in Bishkek. Dinner and overnight of tour at the hotel.
Day 25 You will be the weather.

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Our travel agency will help you to enjoy your being in Kyrgyzstan. Here we suggest a book to read, and that the necessary information about this wonderful country.

We recommend that you read it and it will help you to find out everything, and Kyrgyzstan's nomadic way of life.

This book was written by Michael Linder was called "Kyrgyzstan". This book is one of the best guides in the opinion of many tourists came here. The book can tell you many interesting things about Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyzstan's guide consists of several chapters and a number of facts under general information. This book will open a new Kyrgyzstan - the land of nomads and celestial mountains.

Kyrgyzstan is a country where not only the cultural activities, but it is also possible to come horseback riding and trekking here. In this book you will find useful information about different gorges and passes, the transportation and accommodation in different places.

Kyrgyz Republic is not a normal tourist country, so you have to know certain information about your lifestyle.

Kyrgyzstan is the country of ancient nomadic culture and traditions. The book tells the story of these traditions and explains some rituals that are still in use here. You will also read festivals and holidays in Kyrgyzstan. There are old houses that people still celebrate in our celestial country. "Kyrgyzstan" contains detailed information, but also shows you how to get visas for visiting Kyrgyzstan. Find out organized tours and independent travel in Kyrgyzstan. This is not a problem, go here. The people are very hospitable and are always pleased to see that tourists travel here. If you are interested in activities in Kyrgyzstan and regions - that book will give you lots of good advice!

The book gives good information on geographic and climatic conditions here. This information can help you choose the time you want to visit the country. There are also many maps of Kyrgyzstan for your choice. There is a chapter in the book and devoted a lot of costs here. This will help you to travel safe and without any problems. You'll find a list of shopping centers where you can go shopping here. They may also travel to the atmosphere of the Great Silk Road.

All parts and regions of Kyrgyzstan is to write individually and in detail. You can read not only in the cities but also to small parts that are worth visiting. Kyrgyzstan has many museums. You can see short inscriptions about them and decide to go there or not. If you are going to visit Kyrgyzstan you will need some basic information about the laws here to see all details can be found in this book.

Thanks to a perfect location in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan has been one of the main place to go trekking and horse riding. If you travel in Kyrgyzstan even any kind of cultural tourism can be at least half a day hiking or horseback riding.

Buy the book does not have to Google this or that question, you just need to buy a book, or if it is a directory if there is one. Kyrgyz women used to be very clever, and this is the reason why you will see the beautiful carpets here. You can get information about the way of carpets production and the places where we can see that when you travel in Kyrgyzstan. This information can be found in the chapter devoted Kyrgyz crafts.


Economy Facts - In this part of the book has everything you need, Kyrgyzstan travel. It has everything to become Kyrgyzstan's famous outdoor shopping bazaars.

Here are some "rules" to go shopping here, and some rules as to what to do and not be in here. You will discover another world - the world of nomads. Kyrgyzstan is the kingdom of heaven. The main highlight of Kyrgyzstan is mountains! It is a breathtaking feeling to watch Tien Shan and Pamir mountains in Kyrgyzstan. Therefore, I decided to live in Kyrgyzstan nomads, many years ago. And I still love Kyrgyzstan and emerald green pastures and crystal-clear mountain streams. Nomads lived graze cattle and grow high in the mountains in summer and autumn, they go down in the valleys of Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan through three mountain systems, 93% of the country's more than 1,500 meters above sea level. When people come in Kyrgyzstan for trekking or horse riding always come back one more time. Come here more and more friendly. This is an excellent place to relax and enjoy the peaceful location. If you are fond of photography, there is another reason to come here. You can find all kinds of lands shape in Kyrgyzstan. Every single part of Kyrgyzstan will surprise you with its beauty. This book has some really nice pictures in there, but it's better if they were his own eyes. After that you will remember Kyrgyzstan for a long time. The area of Kyrgyzstan is not big, but there are a lot of things to do. Kyrgyzstan is waiting for you. And you will like Kyrgyzstan for its hospitality and deep traditions. People of Kyrgyzstan save on customs and learn them during the journey. Kyrgyzstan, the land's unique culture and traditions of the people and leadership of revering them. Many tourists who come in Kyrgyzstan many times. And they say that Kyrgyzstan attracts them very much.

The Travel Company give you a piece of advice to look for a new guide created by David Peytray. The book is called "Kyrgyzstan Travel". The book was very popular in the last few years, because there is a lot of interesting facts about Kyrgyzstan and many useful details. It describes the best places of Kyrgyzstan. If you get this book you will find out many amazing things Kyrgyzstan and nomad culture and ancient history dating back more than two thousand years ago. Nomads live here for many years and different traditions and customs. Some of them really surprise you. Kyrgyz people live in mountains, and are therefore their own culture. This guide book will give you lots of useful details about trekking in Kyrgyzstan. House are many fantastic places trekking tours. Trekking tours are becoming more popular in the world, and with it, given the country's reputation as the best place to come. Trekking tours in Kyrgyzstan popular in all kinds of tourists. Suddenly a light trekking tour in Kyrgyzstan or to have a very hard. Kyrgyzstan trekking tours in the many gaps. Not many people visit these gaps. And that's why you can have a trekking tour in places hidden. You will have a trekking tour along mountain gorges of Kyrgyzstan. During trekking tour you will meet some nomads in Kyrgyzstan. I still prefer to live in the mountains. You will even get a chance to one day to another in real-nomadic dwelling. Kyrgyz are very hospitable and they like people who come to go trekking in Kyrgyzstan. They are happy if you spend some time talking with them and having rest after trekking. Nomads can offer some national food and drinks and it will make your trekking in Kyrgyzstan unforgettable. Trekking in Kyrgyzstan is a very good chance to be closer to wild nature. During your trekking tour you will visit the most wonderful place in Kyrgyzstan. The gorges of Kyrgyzstan's really good to have trekking tours. If you go trekking in the country celestial mountains where you will be able to meet real nomads still live in the mountains. Trekking in Kyrgyzstan is famous visitors incredibly beautiful places. During trekking tour you will enjoy primordial nature of this unique country. Trekking in Kyrgyzstan is safe because local people are very keen to see tourists here. We would like to invite people to your house for a while, or yurts. Trekking Tien Shan mountain range gives you the opportunity to discover the real Kyrgyzstan - Kyrgyzstan of nomads! If you go for trekking in Kyrgyzstan we recommend that you take with the equipment that they do not lose time looking for a place to rent. . The author says that it is better to help the travel tour trekking company. So you can save a lot of time to enjoy your vocation. Kyrgyzstan is open for tourists who are looking for trekking tours and you are always welcome there. One of the main places to go trekking in mountains Terskey Issyk Kul Lake southern shore. The book descriptions of other travel tours trekking in Kyrgyzstan that you can use during a trekking tour. In fact, it is quite possible to go trekking on your own, but more experienced guide rescuers to go. Trekking in Kyrgyzstan is good chance gorgeous vocations and to see many fantastic places! Trekking tours in Kyrgyzstan are popular among people of all ages. The only thing you need for trekking in Kyrgyzstan is deep will to relax and enjoy the stunning views.

Kyrgyzstan has many leisure travelers, hiking, horseback riding, bird watching, etc.

There are tours that we would like to advise you of Kyrgyzstan:




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