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     There is no system, the formation of the Institute on account of the defect

Standards for the profession, training centers to improve or change

Qualifications, lack of certification, a single database.

    Physical infrastructure. The material base of the company is weak. Capital

Usually no more than 25 USD to 50,000. Companies have their own usually

Means of communication - phone, fax, e-mail and special equipment

Equipment for hiking and mountain climbing programs

Several vehicles (whose share of the needs of the 10 -

15%, the rest rented). About 60% of the companies have their own offices.

The permanent staff of such companies is 5-15 people. Almost all companies

have lists of programs and flyers, the level of performance that leaves

much to be desired, some companies are using the Internet (www) advertising. Develop

own material basis by the company can not win,

because its volume is small, since a large proportion of subcontracting in the power

Programs (hotels, transportation, etc.).


Tours to Kyrgyzstan: 2004 Trekking
Activities: Trekking Tour
Destination: Kyrgyzstan
Duration: 12 days
Day 1. You are at the airport "Manas" will be in the land. Transfer to Bishkek city guide. Breakfast at the hotel building. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.
Day 2. Transfer station. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.
Day 3. Your breakfast in a valley in the Chon-Ashu pass to Dzhailoo Inylchek B (3822 m), at 8 o'clock will rise. Damascus. Night in tents.
4 days. Chon-Tash, and for the Al-Dzhailoo Inylchek glacier trekking began. Camping. Damascus. Night in tents.
5 days. We Merzbacher release, will begin trekking on a glacier Bivachnyi. Camping. Damascus. Night in tents.
Day 6. Your return meadow breakfast, 8 am, Radial hikes will Merzbacher Lake. Damascus. Night in tents.
7 days Merzbacher glacier trekking to Komsomolsk in the field. Damascus. Night in tents.
Day 8. We will start trekking Komsomolsk the glacier to the high camp Inylchek. Lunch on the way. Damascus. Night in tents.
Day 9 Your breakfast is 8 o'clock, Khan-Tengri peak Radial trekking up to serve. Damascus. Night in tents.
Day 10 The base camp with the span, and the Kara-Kol Maid-Adyr for the trekking. Damascus. Night in tents.
Day 11 Your breakfast will be served 8 am service in the city of Bishkek. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.
Day 12 You will be the weather.

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