Kyrgyzstan trekking 06

Kyrgyzstan trekkingTour 06

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Activity: Trekking tour 

Time of the tour: 13 days

Places to visit: Bishkek - Chon Kemin valley - Tamga  -  Barskoon gorge - Barskoon Pass - Jashil Kol Lake - Arabel Suu valley - Chokolu Lake - Zauka Pass - Dzhukuu gorge - Ashu Kashka Suu gorge - Ashu Tor Pass - Jukuchak gorge - Orto-Bulak Pas - Kichi Kyzyl Suu gorge - Chon Kyzyl Suu gorge - Jili Suu - Ak Sai Pass - Jeti Oguz gorge - Karakol town - Cholpon Ata - Bishkek city
This tour includes the most outstanding highlights of Kyrgyzstan that welcome so many people. During this overwhelming tour you will be able to visit the most picturesque parts of Kyrgyzstan.  You will see our Celestial mountains, alpine lakes and medieval architecture. Also it is a great chance to experience yourself as if you as a genuine nomad. 

Day 1: Bishkek - Chon Kemin valley
At Manas International Airport You will be met by your guide and accompanied to Bishkek City, the capital of this wonderful land of the magnificent mountains (30 min. drive). You will start the day with a breakfast. The whole day guided Bishkek City Tour includes lunch. This tour in the Kyrgyz capital city concludes the visiting of the Ala-Too Square there is also situated the History Museum, Duboviy Park (Oak Park), Pobeda Square (Victory Square), National Philharmonic, Oriental Osh Bazaar, Museum of Fine Arts and many others places of interest. At 5 p. m., you will be transferred to the Chon Kemin valley, where you also will spend the night. Dinner will be served there at 7 p. m.
Day 2: Chon Kemin valley - Tamga
We will have time for a photo session after breakfast. You will capture all the loveliness and charms of Chon Kemin Valley. We will go to the Tamga village, once everything is ready for our departure. Issik-kul lake is the biggest lake in Kyrgyzstan and the second largest mountain lake in the world. En route visiting Talgat, a berkutchi - hunter with golden eagles. He will tell us about his birds of prey. After it we can take some pictures of the eagles. After arrival  in Tamga village you will have leisure time on the beach (30 min).  Tamga is a resort town on the shore of the lake; there we walk in holy Manjili Ata sources. Then the beginning preparations for the trek. Accommodation in Askar and Tomara guest house (1600m).
Day 3: Tamga - Barskoon Pass (3754 m) - Jashil Kol Lake - Arabel Suu valley (5 hours)
After a hearty breakfast we will drive to Barskoon gorge. Here, we start our trekking.  We are going to one of the most picturesque valleys in the mountainous Terskey Ala Too; there is the highest waterfall in Kyrgyzstan. We have mount to3100 m Dunguromo pass, crossing through which we find ourselves in the valley of Dunguromo.  A few kilometers down from the pass, we stop for the camping. Night is in tents at the altitude 3820 m. Dinner will give us the opportunity to share with impressions of the first day.
Day 4: Arabel Suu valey - Chakalu Kol Lake (7 hours)
We get up early around 7 o'clock in the morning. A vertical climb to the Chokolu Lake through Zauka Pass. From vegetation prevails fine grass and moss. The climate is close to the tundra climate. The landscape is relatively flat. Coming closer to the lake we break our camp for the night. Night is in tents at the altitude of 3800 m.

Day 5: Chokolu Lake - Zauka Pass (3720 m) - Dzhukuu gorge (7 h)
We have to cross the Zauka pass (3720 m) today. As soon as we finish with breakfast we start preparing all of our equipment and belongings, and then immersing it all on the horse, we will go further. From the top of Zauka pass you will see hall beauty of the Dzhukuu valley. we will go down the gorge about 20 km after short photo session and reach the foot of the Ashu Kashka Suu gorge where we break camp at the altitude of 2900 m.  for the night. Dinner and overnight is in tents.
Day 6: Djukuu gorge - Ashu Kashka Suu gorge (7 hours)
Like previous day we will rise up early morning in order to begin to put ourselves in order. After hearty meal we will go further looking for new impressions and feelings. We will go along slopes are covered with juniper and fir-tree forest. What concern's juniper it is a very unique tree for several reasons. First, these trees higher than 10 m having twisted trunks which is protection system against wind. Second, it has special root system that helps to survive in extreme conditions. At last, during dry seasons it can drop own leaves for saving wetness and water on the ground around the tree. This afternoon we will stop at the foot of Ashu Tor Pass at the altitude of 2970 m. we will set on our camp. Dinner and overnight in tents.
Day 7: Ashu Kashka Suu gorge - Ashu Tor Pass (3638 m) - Jukuchak gorge (7 hours)
Preparing all of our gear and then we will hike up the gorge Ashu Kashka Suu. Approaching the foot of the pass, we will make a short halt for lunch and then we will have to climb to the Ashu Tor Pass (3638 m). Getting into the Dzhukuchak gorge after the pass where the warm mineral springs are. We have a wonderful opportunity to take a bath in hot mineral water which we all dreamed of for now 4 days of our trek. Having Dinner and overnight is in tents at the altitude of 2650 m.
Day 8: Dzhukuchak gorge - Orto-Bulak Pass (2900 m) - Kichi-Kyzyl-Suu gorge (7 hours)
We will go towards the Kichi - Kyzyl Suu Valley early in the morning after we all give ourselves in order. First we get to the territory of Issyk-Kul forestry located in the Dzhukuchak gorge. We promote to climb to the pass Ortho - Bulak (2900 m). We break our camp for the night at the altitude of 2450 m after we approach the Kichi Kyzyl Suu gorge. Dinner, sharing impressions, the night in tents.
Day 9: Kichi-Kyzyl-Suu gorge - Chon-Kyzyl-Suu gorge - Jili-Suu water warm springs
We prepare our gear and put forward in the direction of the picturesque valley - Chon Kyzyl Suu after a good breakfast. We descend down the Kichi-Kyzyl-Suu gorge through the place of forestry. Then we will go along the Djily Suu Mountains. And finally we get in Chon Kyzyl Suu gorge. Here we enter the area of Ak-Tash. After that we ascend about three miles up to the warm mineral springs where we will again be able to take a warm bath and relax. Evening meal and overnight is in tents at an altitude of 2500 m.
Day 10: Chon-Kyzyl-Suu gorge - Ak Sai Pass (2805 m) - Jeti Oguz gorge (7 hours)
The last day of our trekking. As usual give yourself up in spite of an early getting up, have a breakfast and go towards the Jeti - Oguz gorge. Jeti - Oguz is one of the most popular places to visit among the guests who visited our country. We move down to the place of Ak - Tash, where we cross the river Kyzyl Suu (Red River). Then we commence the ascent to the radial Kok - Dzhayyk pass. This road will bypass through a small pine forest. It seems as if the whole world looks at you. It will impress you with its silence. After this small pine forest we will have a look at the Jeti Oguz gorge. It will certainly impress you. We reach the yurt camp Kok Dzhayyk after a couple of kilometers; there we stay for the night. Dinner and overnight is in yurts at the altitude of 2300 m. 
Day 11: Jeti Oguz gorge - Karakol town Cholpon Ata - Bishkek city
As a result this is the last day of our adventures in Terskey Mountains. Our automobile will be waiting for us near the yurt camp. Afterwards we will go to Karakol town. It soviet times it was named Prajevalsky in honor of the great Russian pilgrim Nikolay Prajevalsky. During the city tour in Karakol, the administrative and cultural center of Issyk Kul region, we will visit old Dungan Muslim mosque and old Orthodox Church. Lunch is in Karakol. As soon as we finish with lunch we head to Bishkek to overnight in the hotel of Asia Mountains.

Day 12: Bishkek
Today you are free to go for a walk in Bishkek and to obtain souvenirs to your relatives and friends. As well it is possible for an additional price to drive to Ala Archa gorge and walk there. This place is situated 45 km south from the capital. It is a favorite place for citizens to spend a weekend. In the evening is walking on the main Square Ala Too and a farewell dinner. At night to watch our new fountains with colorful lights and classic music! 
Day 13: Bishkek
You will be pick up by your guide in the morning at the time arranged previously according to your the details of your flight and accompanied to Manas International Airport.