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     Participate in Kyrgyzstan's reputation abroad could participate

Attend tourism fairs, opportunities in our newsletter, the extremely

limited. There is great potential for coordination of joint

the State Agency for Tourism and Sport and leisure companies in the country.

    Frames. Despite the fact that train experts in the field of tourism

Many educational institutions of the Republic, their (professional) disaster

enough. It is not enough at all levels of tourism, by

lower management level accompanies the group of tourists (guides), Manager

middle managers (program manager) to the top managers

Level - managers of travel companies. Graduates are in demand by companies is not.In

First of all, this is at the low level of training of graduates

in turn, due to the low levels of teaching and the weak

Basic education of students. Annual demand for middle managers

Level of 30-50 people, the lower management level - 50-100

Humans. At the same time, Kyrgyzstan universities annually produce 60-80 people

middle managers and 20 managers from grassroots people

Level. [38] is the lack of coordination in training

by the state in a variety of small, poor schools, without

appropriate base.


Tours to Kyrgyzstan: 2003 Trekking
Activities: Trekking Tour
Destination: Kyrgyzstan
Duration: 14 days
Day 1. You are at the airport "Manas" will be in the land. Transfer to Bishkek city guide. Breakfast at the hotel building. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.
Day 2. Transfer station. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.
Day 3. The day begins with breakfast in the building. Maid in Inylchek a large valley in the Chon-Ashu-Adyr 3,822 meter campaign. Damascus. Night in tents.
4 days. After breakfast, trekking to Camp Al-Dzhailoo. Damascus. Night in tents.
5 days. Chon-Tash early Inylchek Glacier hikes for the Am-Dzhailoo you. Damascus. Night in tents.
Day 6. Trekking to the famous Merzbacher Glade long. Damascus. Night in tents.
7 days Glacial Lake Merzbacher points in the polar region is known trekking through the outside of the third largest glacier in the valley. Damascus. Night in tents.
Day 8. After breakfast, trekking up Chontash. Damascus. Night in tents.
Day 9 Ace Pass trekking is for you. Damascus. Night in tents.
Day 10 Ace Ace is a fine river trekking 4,001 meters to go down. Damascus. Night in tents.
Day 11 You need to be trekking in the valley for Echkilitash Saryjaz. Damascus. Night in tents.
Day 12 Transport Patrol. Damascus. Night in tents.
Day 13 Lunch on the way to the transmission of Bishkek. Damascus. Night in tents.
Day 14 You will be the weather.

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