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In the early 19th Kyrgyzstan century falls into the power of the Kokand Khanate. Kokand period went down in history as the period of Kyrgyzstan taxes, oppression, tyranny, rebellion. One of the main leaders of the struggle against the oppression of Kokand was somehow Manap Solto BaytikBaatyr Chu valley. In 1860 received Russian citizenship. He led the revolt against Kokand conquerors took the Russian forces defeat ekspiditsionnymi fortresses Pishpek Tokmok, Merka, Aulie-Ata. Stanislaus third degree and a gold medal was awarded a ribbon Ann.


Trade routes from East Turkistan, Kyrgyzstan and the rulers of the Kokand khanate passed wanted to establish control over them. During this time, Islam was particularly widespread. Kokand Khan Kirghiz pay taxes. Not even Kyrgyz people rebelled. In the fall of 1873 yuzhnyekyrgyzy decide to take Russian citizenship, and thus get rid of the oppression of Kokand. They were refused this request. But after a series of unsuccessful uprisings Kyrgyz people decide the Russian party, the Kokand Khanate, by adding it to end on the composition of Russia.


Kyrgyzstan Tours: Trips 2003
Activities: Walking Tour
Destination: Kyrgyzstan
Duration: 14 days
Day 1. The airport "Manas" your plane lands. Transmission in Bishkek. DinnerOvernight stay.
Day 2. Transfer station. After breakfast at the hotel the night.
Day 3. The day begins with breakfast in the building. Maid in Inylchek a large valley in the Chon-Ashu-Adyr 3,822 meter campaign. After lunch the night in tents.
4 days. Trekking to Camp Al-Dzhailoo. After lunch the night in tents.
5 days. Chon-Tash, and for the Al-Dzhailoo Inylchek glacier trekking began. After lunch the night in tents.
Day 6. Trekking to the famous Merzbacher Glade long. After lunch the night in tents.
7 days Glacial Lake Merzbacher points in the polar region is known trekking through the outside of the third largest glacier in the valley. After lunch the night in tents.
Day 8. Chontash for the trekking. After lunch the night in tents.
Day 9 Pass trekking to Ace. After lunch the night in tents.
Day 10 Ace Ace is a fine river trekking 4,001 meters to go down. After lunch the night in tents.
Day 11 Echkilitash Valley trekking to Saryjaz. After lunch the night in tents.
Day 12 Transport Patrol. After breakfast at the hotel the night.
Day 13 Lunch on the way to the transmission of Bishkek. After breakfast at the hotel the night.
Day 14 Meet your guide at the hotel and the international airport "Manas" will transfer.


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