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 Glaciers in Kyrgyzstan occupy 4.2% of the total area. Total in the 6582 Register of the Republic of the glacier. Their total area is 8047, 8 km2. In the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, there are all the classic form of glaciers: valley, hanging corrie and various combinations thereof. As glacier depends on many environmental factors: the height of the mountains, the prevailing winds, rainfall. Most of the ice is not concentrated at the top, at the bottom of the deep Intermountain basin. It accumulated precipitation fall not only on the surface of the glacier, but also brought down the slopes of the mountains inflated avalanches and snowstorms. One of the main features of the glacier is the snow line called the boundary of power. The lowest level of the location of the snow line in the Kyrgyz mountains at an altitude of 3200-3400 meters marked. Mountain glaciers have a unique ability to move. Their speed depends on the size, diet, bed slope, and other factors. Move in an average year the glacier from a few dozen to a few hundred meters per year

Tours to Kyrgyzstan: Trekking 2008
Activities: Trekking Tour
Destination: Kyrgyzstan
Duration: 10 days

Day 1. You will be transferred to the hotel and then to Bishkek the capital of Kyrgyzstan. After breakfast and you need to relax. You will have dinner and spend the night of tour in a hotel.
Day 2. Issyk-Kul valley of the Sary-Bulak in Kyrgyzstan  breakfast will transfer. Climb tour and travel on the first pass. Camping tour . You will spend the night in tents and dinner.
Day 3. Yellow-Bulak on the morning of the first lake (3,274 m) of Kyrgyzstan, will begin trekking tour. You will spend the night in tents and dinner.
4 days. The second lake trekking tour and travel . You will have lunch en travel  route. You will spend the night in tents and dinner.
5 days. You will be a day tour of rest.
Day 6. After breakfast, trekking tour  and travel the mountain lakes. You will spend the night in tents and dinner.
7 days In the morning you will start trekking tour to the Kurmenty. You will have lunch en route. You will spend the night in tents and dinner.
Day 8. After a good breakfast, trekking tour Kurmenty Pass (3476 m), Issyk-Kul valley hikes. You will spend the night of tour in tents and dinner.
Day 9 Transmission tour in Bishkek. You will have lunch en route. You will have dinner of tour and spend the night in a hotel.
Day 10 Departure transfer to the airport in the morning.

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