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After the abolition of serfdom, with an increase in major capitalist industry, Russia needed more than ever, markets and sources of raw materials, of which might be Central Asia. A Central Asian states, especially Kyrgyzstan saw Russia face the invaders and defenders of a strong economic partner. The process of accession of Kyrgyzstan to Russia in the north of the country was at peace, and in the south of the conquest. Cause difficulties and even the fact that the king's authority, do not give the new administrative divisions into account the characteristics of Kyrgyz society. At the head of the royal domains were officers and bailiffs. Local parishes tribal beys out. Priissykulskiekyrgyzy tribe Boke 17th January 1855 the oath of allegiance to the Russian Empire. Manapov kind Boke was BorombayBekmuratuulu. In 1844 he sent an embassy to the governor of West Siberia. In 1853, he received the rank of colonel in the Russian language. In 1855 in Omsk, gave the oath of adoption of Russian citizenship.

In 1862, the citizenship of the Russian Federation to take the Kyrgyz people who occupied the eastern part of the Chu Valley. That same year, Kyrgyz citizenship inhabit the middle lane Chu valley. In 1864, the Kyrgyz and Russian citizenship was zanimavshieSuusamyr Ketmentebinskuyu valley. 24. 1864 December kyrgyzskoe Sayak tribe filed a petition for the adoption of Russian citizenship in the tribe.


Kyrgyzstan Tours: Trips 2004
Activities: Walking Tour
Destination: Kyrgyzstan
Duration: 12 days
Day 1. Manas International Airport you will come and guide you. You will be accompanied by the city of Bishkek. After breakfast there. After breakfast at the hotel the night.
Day 2. Transfer station. After breakfast at the hotel the night.
Day 3. In the morning you will have breakfast. We are in a valley Inylchek-Dzhailoo the Chon-Ashu Pass (3822 m) will be trekking up. After lunch the night in tents.
4 days. Chon-Tash, and for the Al-Dzhailoo Inylchek glacier trekking began. Camping. After lunch the night in tents.
5 days. In the morning you will have breakfast. For more free Merzbacher glacier trekking to Bivachnyi. Camping. After lunch the night in tents.
Day 6. The Meadow Lake Merzbacher return Radial hikes. After lunch the night in tents.
7 days We are trekking to Komsomolsk Merzbacher glacier meadows. After lunch the night in tents.
Day 8. We are trekking to the high camp Inylchek Komsomolsk for the glacier. You will have lunch at noon. After lunch the night in tents.
Day 9 Khan Tengri peak in the morning and radial trekking on foot. After lunch the night in tents.
Day 10 The base camp with the span, and the Kara-Kol Maid-Adyr for the trekking. After lunch the night in tents.
Day 11 The day begins with breakfast in the building. Transmission in Bishkek. After breakfast at the hotel the night.
Day 12 Meet your guide at the hotel and the international airport "Manas" will transfer.

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