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With the victory of the October Revolution on the Bolshevik Party and the working population of the country with new tasks of the establishment and strengthening of the Soviet state, the construction of socialism in order to protect the country from enemy forces faced. Implementation of the activities of Soviet power in Kyrgyzstan has been complicated by the presence of residual patriarchal feudal system. Add to overcome those difficulties, the most important role of the Communist Party has been played. Union workers and artisans in Pishpek, Union of Workers and the Union of Muslim workers in Osh - Kyrgyzstan has increased the existing unions. Crucial in determining the socialist sector of the economy measures such as the introduction of workers' control over production and distribution, land nationalization, banking, industry, transport, trade, etc.

The Civil War 1918-1920. enormous damage to the economy of the country. Seriously affected all sectors of the economy of Kyrgyzstan. In the recovery phase in Kyrgyzstan, land and water reform was held. Played an important role due to the fact the transition to the new economic policy. Direct continuation of the land and water use reforms was land management. Historical role in the fate of the Kyrgyz people Karakirgiz Education Autonomous Region played in the RSFSR (1924). And after 2 years in the Kyrgyz Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic was transformed.


Kyrgyzstan Tours: Trips 2008
Activities: Walking Tour
Destination: Kyrgyzstan
Duration: 10 days
Day 1. Manas International Airport you will come and guide you. You will be accompanied by the city of Bishkek. After breakfast there. After breakfast at the hotel the night.
Day 2. Issyk-Kul with the Sary-Bulak valley for the morning drive. Climb on the first pass. Camping. After lunch the night in tents.
Day 3. We are on the lake and yellow-Bulak (3,274 m), is trekking. After lunch the night in tents.
4 days. We are trekking the lake. You will have lunch at noon. After lunch the night in tents.
5 days. The rest of the day. After lunch the night in tents.
Day 6. In the morning you will have breakfast. Climb the mountain lake. You will have lunch at noon. After lunch the night in tents.
7 days Kurmenty to go trekking. You will have lunch at noon. After lunch the night in tents.
Day 8. We Kurmenty Pass (3476 m), Issyk-Kul has traveled hikes in the valley. After lunch the night in tents.
Day 9 In the morning, transfer to the city of Bishkek. After breakfast at the hotel the night.
Day 10 Meet your guide at the hotel and the international airport "Manas" will transfer.

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